Admission Process – Preschool


  1. Appointment for Information: An initial appointment between the applicant´s parents and a member of management is scheduled to discuss basic information about the academic process, namely the Fontan System (FSy) and Fontan School (FS). During this appointment, the next stages of the process of admission are explained if the applicant´s parents are interested.
  2. Observation Period: Children applying for admission to preschool will be observed by mentors for two weeks, which may be extended up to one month. During this time, applicants get the chance to experience the Fontan System first-hand, and the school gets to assess the suitability of applicants for its educational proposal.
    There is no contract of any kind between the parties during this time. The fact that an applicant attends the school for observation doesn’t mean the school will grant admission. However, it should be made clear that no money will be returned if an applicant or their parents decide to interrupt the process before the observation period is up.
  3. Assessment and Final Decision: At a school board meeting, all the information gathered in the observation period, interviews, applications and forms is analyzed. Then, the school board decides whether to admit an applicant.
  4. Appointment for Admission: This meeting is held after the observation period is over to notify an applicant and their parents whether they can move on to enrollment.
  5. Appointment for Enrollment: It takes place after the appointment for admission, once the school has admitted a student, and their parents have all the documents needed for enrollment.