Admission Process – Primary School


  1. Appointment for information: During this appointment, an outline of our system, the school, the observation period and the necessary diagnostic tests is given to applicants and their parents or legal guardian. [1]
  2. Diagnosis: Applicants for grades 5 to 11 take the following psychological and pedagogical tests:
    a) verbal aptitude test
    b) silent reading test
    c) oral reading test
    d) written composition test
    e) basic mathematics test
    All the tests are usually taken on the same day. These aren’t exactly admission tests, but, as the term points out, diagnostic tests. They are meant to evaluate an applicant’s academic suitability in order to find out their strengths and weaknesses during the admission process.
  3. Appointment for Test Results: This meeting is held to notify students [2] and their parents or legal guardian of the results. The meeting usually takes place two to three business days after the tests are taken.
  4. Observation Period: All applicants must go through the observation period regardless of the grade they are applying for. The observation is completed in, at least, 15 days (10 business days) or, at most, a month. Mentors take care of the observation. During this process, other factors that may influence a student’s performance are studied: social skills, motivation, executive functions, perseverance and so on. They are considered along with the information provided by the diagnostic tests. Children applying for grades 1 to 4 must take verbal aptitude, reading, writing, mathematics, Spanish, social studies and biology tests during the two-week observation period.
    There is no contract of any kind between the parties during this time. The fact that an applicant attends the school for observation doesn’t mean the school will grant admission. However, it should be made clear that no money will be returned if an applicant or their parents decide to interrupt the process before the observation period is up.
  5. Assessment and Final Decision: The academic and management areas analyze all the information collected in the tests, observation period, interviews, applications, forms and financial examination. At this meeting, the school board decides whether to admit an applicant.
  6. Appointment for Admission: This meeting is generally held in the coordinator´s office after the observation period. During the meeting, the school notifies an applicant and their parents whether they can move on to enrollment.  [3]
  7. Enrollment: It takes place after the appointment for test results, once the school has admitted a student, and their parents have all the documents needed for enrollment.

    [1] Only applicants for grades 5 to 11 must attend this appointment.
    [2] For applicants for grades 5 to 11.
    [3] For applicants for grades 5 to 11. Otherwise, applicants don’t have to attend the appointment.