Asofontan (Association of Fontan School Parents) is a community made up of enthusiastic parents who see the Fontan System as an innovative and powerful educational tool for their children. Aware of their social responsibility to future generations, they decided to join forces to ensure the sustainability of this educational revolution. Their goal is to make this exceptional educational system available to everyone, regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic background.
Ours is a pioneering task as guardians of the revolution in education that Ventura Fontan dreamed. Each and every parent is welcome, and needed, in the fulfillment of this endeavor.

Members of the board:

  • President – Andrés Felipe Ochoa Pérez
  • Vice president – León Ramiro Piedrahita Villada
  • Secretary – Silvia Yulet Morales Álvarez
  • Treasurer – Gloria Liliana Gómez Ríos
  • Spokesperson – Mónica Alexandra Grisales Ardila
  • Spokesperson – Nils Tober
  • Vocal – José Antonio Romero Tabares
  • Acting spokesperson – Olga Beatriz Cely Serrano
  • Acting spokesperson – Wilfer Vanegas Arias
  • Acting spokesperson – Miguel Ángel Rojas Pinzón

Administrator: Alexander Valencia Patiño
Telephone Number: 3861615