Parents’ Council

The Parents’ Council of Fontan School is established in accordance with the Constitution of Colombia, Articles 67 and 68, Act 115 of February 8, 1994 (General Education Act) and Decree 1286 of April 27, 2005.

The parents’ council is a participation body for Fontan School parents. Its purpose is to ensure the continuous participation of parents in the educational process and to improve the quality of the service.


Fontan School, based on Decree 1860 of 1994, Article 31 and Decree 1286 of 2005, Article 7, using the institutional independence granted by the Constitution and the General Education Act to private educational institutions, defines the duties of this body as follows:

The parents’ council will perform its duties in direct coordination with the principal or his delegates.

The parents’ council is responsible for:

  1. Collaborating with the principal in the analysis, dissemination and use of regular competency, and Government test results.
  2. Requiring students to take competency, and Government tests administered by ICFES (Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education), namely SABER, SABER 11 and so on. If a student fails to take one of these tests without just cause, they must appear before this body to provide an explanation.
  3. Supporting art, science, technical and sporting activities organized by the school.
  4. Participating in the creation of plans for institutional improvement and the achievement of goals.
  5. Promoting training activities for parents to develop student monitoring strategies that help students strengthen learning.
  6. Promoting an environment of trust, understanding, integration, solidarity and dialogue among all the school bodies by presenting proposals to improve the Rulebook and, in general, the institutional educational project (PEI). This must be done within the framework of the Constitution, the law and the real possibilities of the school.
  7. Collaborating in the activities intended to promote the physical and psychological health of students.
  8. Promoting the school’s proper functioning.
  9. Implementing its own set of rules.
  10. Channeling parents’ concerns to the school about the general provision of the service.
  11. Choosing the representative or representatives of the parents’ council that will be part of the school’s board council.

* When the principal doesn’t call a meeting with the parents’ council, the council’s president has the authority to call it on his own initiative or at the request of any of the other members.

Members of the 2020 parents’ council

  • María Margarita Alviar Ruiz
  • Margarita Rosa De La Hoz Vilora
  • Alfredo Héctor Espitia Amador
  • Simón Camilo Cortés
  • Heidy Yovanna Carrillo Enaso
  • Armando Joaquín Arteaga Rosero
  • Catalina Agudelo Muñoz
  • Gloria Cecilia García Zabala
  • Fabio de Jesús Vallejo Ocampo
  • Claudia Margarita Henao Jiménez
  • Natalia Rave Henao
  • Nelly Almeida Garcés