We believe that the traditional school system is inadequate for the world’s cultural needs. We also believe that it can’t be fixed. We must not try to repair or correct it, but replace it with a radically different system–The Fontan System (Sistema Fontán®).

Our group has worked on the research and development of this alternative educational system for over 30 years. This new system has been subject to careful experimentation in Colombia, and the results have been excellent in every way–intellectual quality, cost, coverage, acceptance, but especially, our students’ human development.

Fontan School emerged as a laboratory of education, a testbed of experimental pedagogy. Its purpose was to develop the methodologies and tools that have been the foundation of the “Education Revolution” dreamed by Ventura Fontan, the school’s founder.

We don’t only offer a novel educational service. Rather, we are a center of educational research, where the Fontan System is developed scientifically, technologically and as a company to promote its universal expansion as an alternative educational concept. Fontan School uses the Fontan System to offer a service of high academic and human quality at pre-, primary and secondary school level. Therefore, the school is living proof of this new educational system’s operation and benefits. We help students build their life projects and satisfy their needs with quality. We respect individuality and dignity, and we recognize every person’s merits. We provide equal opportunities for all and, at the same time, we recognize and promote respect and appreciation of differences.